About Us

Tose Sanat Amin Arman Qeshm Company

The company started working in 1391 with commercial activities and supply of parts needed by electronic and telecommunication industries. In 2014, the first production line focused on the production of high-power power supplies was put into operation. In 1396, this company developed its activities in the form of a research and development unit and set up automatic production lines with extensive investment, and in 1399, it was proud to receive a type 2 production knowledge certificate. One of the main advantages of this company is focusing on optimization during production, especially the production of knowledge-based products in the field of electronics and telecommunications.

human resources

A total of 30 people work in this company, whose general structure is as follows:

The company has five assistants as described below, which work under the supervision of the CEO:
-Technical assistant and test
– Production assistant
-Research and development assistant
– Executive Assistant (Staff)
– Commercial assistant

Strategy and vision

Due to its extensive experience and technical knowledge in the field of designing, producing and optimizing all kinds of electronic boards, this company has many projects as OEM with knowledge-based companies and other industries, including household appliances, automobiles and health. And it has the necessary ability to become a production arm alongside knowledge-based companies and other companies. Reverse engineering, production and optimization are among the specializations of this company and it has implemented important projects in this field.

In the aforementioned work cases, this company has complete and calibrated production and testing equipment and is completely self-sufficient. Some of the products of this company are:

– L band image transmitter

– C S L three-band amplifier

– Delight collection and Peugeot 206 guide